We had an incredible summer and we are excited as we see the Lord growing Kako’s ministry.  We appreciate your prayers and support.  Now that the summer camps season has finished, we are focused on getting some required projects completed!  We’ve been blessed by many donors and look forward to seeing how God continues to supply for His ministry out here.  We can always use volunteer work teams if you are interested in helping out.  While there is a lot more going on than the projects listed here, these are some of the most immediate needs.

Sewer and Septic Project – $13,500 ($10,000 for the pump, $3000 for pipes, $500 for shipping)pump

The Alaska DEC requires us to replace all our sewer lines with 4 inch insulated piping and to pump out our septic before next year.  Because of the high cost of purchasing a pump and getting it out here, the septic hasn’t been pumped since it was installed in 1989!  The window to do this project is small as the permafrost in the ground takes a good part of the summer to thaw and now we are less than two months from it freezing again.  We’re asking God for volunteer labor and the donation of the pump and piping or for cash donations totaling $13,500.
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Lodge Boiler Installation – $14,000 (for installation components, oldboilerfittings, lines and accessories)

newboilerKako Retreat Center has been able to purchase new boilers to install in the lodge through generous donations.  Our old boiler is almost completely inoperable and we will be running the real danger of it completely failing this winter if we don’t get our new ones installed.  We’re asking God for skilled installation labor and for cash donations totaling $14,000.
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Diesel Fuel for Winter – $32,000 (7000 gallons by barge)


tankSince Kako gets all its power from a generator, diesel fuel is important here!  To save on the cost, we do not run the generator in the afternoon or at night, but it still adds up!  This will last all fall, winter and into the summer.


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New Office Computer – $50051svo-NudtL._AC_US218_

We have tried to make our office computer work as long as we could, but unfortunately, the newest updates of Quickbooks require a faster computer than what we have.  Once we have a new main office computer, we will use our old one in the summer camp office.  We’re asking God for a donated computer or for $500 of total cash donations.

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2018 Summer Camp equipment

Ways that you can help cover expenses for kids camp supplies: Label your donation to Kako accordingly please, in memo line, indicating what you desire funds to go towards, or just in Summer camp in general.

1 Rappelling tower: $800
2 New Radios: $250
3 Mis. camp supplies: $500
4 Sleeping mats: $800
5 Airsoft supplies: $500
6 Camp T-shirts for campers and staff: $2000

1) The Rappelling tower could use a few things. It needs paint and a little maintenance, and a couple ropes need to be retired. These are our lifelines, no pun intended 🙂 , on the tower, and last a long time, but they need to replaced every so often. They are not cheap, but obviously, they have to be replaced. They tend to run $140 each. So three new ropes and mis. gear would be around $500, and paint and supplies would be $250.

2) Camp could use some new radios/walkie-talkies for staff communication. A $250 budget would get us those needed, rechargable radios. They are used for medical emergencies, change of schedule, communication with pilots at the airport ready for the next group of campers..etc.

3) Mis. camp supplies and equipment. Things for swimming pool like Chlorine, zipline equipment, riflery supplies, archery, ball court, a broken swing on the swing set, etc. $500 usually covers these things.

4) The sleeping pads that we have used for years are disinigrating, and it is time to replace the sad pads that still function. We need at least 40 for the cabins. New ones are very expensive. I have not pursued alternative sources yet, but I am setting the goal of raising $800 for the pads. (New ones I think would cost around $2000 to get them up there)

5) Airsoft supplies and gear. This has been hugely popular, but we are always needing to restock and resupply. a budget of $500 would be more than enough. We use bio-degradable ammo, so that we don’t polute the land.

6) This year for the first time, I am looking at outfitting all the summer staff with two ‘Staff T-shirts’. This brings great unity and team spirit, and makes it easier for campers and staff alike to quickly, and easily identify official staff members. Kako pays for these T-shirts, but this is a big cost to camp, and if you would like to help in this area, I expect the budget to be around $2000 for the order.

tithe tithing fundraising raise money crowdfunding