Jonathan and Sharon Penz – with their boys Merrick and Micah, have a significant history with Kako.

Sharon joined the staff team in 2009 and enjoyed getting along side the people of area and showing them God’s love.  Jonathan and Sharon were married in 2012.

Jonathan, who was appointed the KRC CEO in 2014, first arrived at Kako as a 10 year old in 1978 with his parents David & Janet Penz. Accepted as a local, he has long joined the efforts to pioneer and maintain the Kako vision and now seeks to build into the ministry’s future. He oversees staff and the day-to-day operations of the ministry. Jonathan is Kako’s chief pilot, a musician, and a diesel mechanic by trade.  He attended the same prominent Bible college in Chicago as his father, David Penz.

George and Eunice Landlord – with Kevin, Melanie, Isaiah and  David, are missionaries in the village of Marshall.  George grew up and lived in Mountain Village before the Lord brought their family to Kako for a period of time. George is an evangelist and Bible teacher, involved with the local Marshall church and men’s group.