Summer CampsIMG_3356
Summer camps for kids aged 8 to 18 start the first full week of June and go until mid July.  Many fun activities fill each day, and morning and evening Bible times allow kids to hear stories and lessons from God’s Word the Bible.  Click here for more information about the summer camps.

Family Camps
Over Memorial Day weekend, families are flown in for quality time of fellowship and Biblical teaching. Moms and Dads are encouraged in God’s Word and enjoy gospel music and testimonies of lives experiencing victory in Jesus. Children participate in special fun activities and get to spend quality time with their families relaxing during the weekend.

Ladies’ Berry Retreat
The first weekend in August, around 40 ladies from surrounding isolated villages are flown in to enjoy fellowship & teaching, and of course lots of berry picking – blueberries, cranberries, & blackberries.
Each year we are encouraged from the Bible by a different speaker. Add to this… good music, good food, lots of sharing and laughter and even a chocolate fountain and you have a great weekend. The Ladies love it! They leave Kako refreshed and rejoicing in our Great God, His Creation and His People.

Work Teams
We are thankful for the work teams and individuals that come to help each year. There is always a project needing to be done varying from, helping with youth camps, yard work, cooking, cutting fire wood, painting, electrical, plumbing, construction, heavy equipment, auto and small engine maintenance, operating heavy equipment and operating the saw mill.