Work Teams
Kako is a place where you can come and be directly involved in hands-on ministry projects. From helping with construction, painting, woodcutting, cooking, cleaning, there will be something for everyone on your team to be involved in! For more info send Jonathan and Sharon a quick email.

Prayer is key for Kako. We need people who will pray regularly for the whole ministry and for individual members at KRC. On the forms page, if you can commit & then let us know, we gladly welcome you to our team. You can be a part of the ministry through prayer!

God continues to show himself to be faithful! He is an amazing God! To keep Kako running is very costly. God uses many people who give all varied amounts to meet the needs of this ministry. If you would like to give or find out more about the work, please contact our office.

Counselors and summer staff
Summer camp counselors and kids camp activities helpers are always needed!
Click here for the Summer Staff Application

Help is needed all year long. In the summer, we need pilots to fly kids in & out of villages. In the winter, we need pilots to help us visit the villages and follow up with the youth. If you have a commercial pilot’s license, give Jonathan a ring.

Over the years, it has always been an endless task to maintain the snowmobiles and 4-wheelers that get used here like work trucks since there are no roads. Kako would greatly benefit from those especially skilled in small engine type mechanics.